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Ownership Transfer of Motor Vehicles

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Required documents :
  • ID cards or photocopies of business registration certificate of both original and new owners.
  • Driving permit.
  • Valid compulsory liability insurance certificate of the new owner.
  • Name chops (seals) of both original and new owners.
  • Original license plate application form.
Fee Charge :
  • Automobile : NT$200
  • Motorcycle : NT$150
Notes :
  • Traffic violation fines and driving permit tax should be paid off first. (For applying for transfer within one month after the above-mentioned debts are cleared, a person needs to bring a receipt of the current debt payment.)
  • For large buses or trucks with function of carrying passengers or cargos for private or business use, please apply for permission in advance.
  • For ownership transfer due to the death of original vehicle owner, please attach ID card of the heir to the property, related documents of property and certificate of inheritance tax.
  • Car under chattel mortgage, the ownership can’t be transferred. Used car over 10 years should have the temporary inspection first within one month of the ownership transfer day.
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