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Foreign driver's license exchange for R.O.C. driver's license (allowed only for citizens of reciprocating countries)

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Necessary Documentations
  • Original. R.O.C.-ID card and household registry copy or A.R.C. ( permitted for stay of more than 6 months).
  • Valid foreign driver's license (original).
  • Passport (if original passport already hand-in, then should attach other relevant certifications, e.g. embarkation and debarkation forms which are in matching correspondence with passport issuing date and validity).
  • Chinese translation (one copy - certified by local notary public).
  • One recent 1-inch bust front view photo, bareheaded, on glossy paper (identical to driver's license format).
  • One copy of regular driver's license registration form (attach physical ability examination certificate, validity one year).

Verification/inspection: driver's licenses issued by the P.R.O.C. should be verified/inspected by various agencies (set up or designated by the Executive Yuan), or by other out-sourced public groups.

Driver's licenses issued by other Countries should be verified/inspected by relevant R.O.C. embassies, consulates, or other agencies possessing "letters of proxy" from the MOFA).

Visitors: 822 Update Date: 108-08-06 Maintenance Unit: Driver's Licenses Section, Taichung Motor Vehicles Office